Are Testosterone Supplements Safe? A New study shows NO

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Watch the Video:

The background: This could be GAME CHANGING NEWS for people who use testosterone supplements.

A new study found that there was no sign of heart damage from using testosterone supplements for up to a year.

A researcher of the study said that they were unable to find damage to the heart or brain in people who took T supplements for the short term and medium term.

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

Here’s what you need to know: The study found that there are NO differences between taking testosterone supplements or a placebo and having heart attacks and strokes.

The big picture: this means that Testosterone supplements provided no value or protection.

Take home message: I want to CAUTION you. This study is not your sign to rush out and get “T” ed up.

Next steps: we have to find out if testosterone has a negative impact after long-term use. Make sure that you’re talking to your doctor BEFORE YOU START taking a testosterone supplement by yourself.

Doctor’s quote: “So yeah, this means that when someone tells you testosterone prevents heart attacks and strokes there are still lying to you.”