Are eye creams worth it? Doctor Explains

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It’s in the news: Americans spend a fortune (almost $22 Billion in 2021) on skin care products.  

This includes expensive products like eye creams. 

The question here is: do eye creams actually work for wrinkles?

The Expert Opinion: For eye creams to be effective they must contain some or ANY of the active ingredients listed below. (Primary Source)

  • Retinols (available over-the-counter)
  • Retinoids (available by prescription only)
  • Vitamin C (available over the counter)

Dr. Puja also emphasizes that you “…really never want to be outside in the sun without any sunscreen protection!”  The harmful UV rays of the sun are very damaging to our skin.

Quiz Time!

Why this matters:  If your eye cream does not contain one of the ingredients above then what you’re doing is essentially buying a moisturizer.  You’re buying a product that’s providing ZERO “anti-wrinkle” benefits. And, it’s costing you a lot of money.

Answer to the Quiz Question: Can Retinol based skin creams can be bought over the counter?

➡ Answer: Yes. But, if you want an OTC Retinoid, consider Adapalene.

Secondary Source: New York Times

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