1 great way to reduce stress in life

How can I reduce stress in life?

Reduce stress in life

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no doubt about it–stress and excitement both increase! It’s not just the stress of COVID. It’s also the stress that comes from the many interactions we will have with people. Far & Near!

Did you know that just being out and about while interacting with different people can be a source of stress?

Today, I want to give you one way to reduce the stress in your life that comes from interactions with others. The technique to reduce this type of stress is pretty powerful. It begins by asking yourself a simple question. The next time you feel stressed out while interacting with someone, ask yourself: “Am I stressed out because the person I’m dealing with is looking or acting like they’re stressed?”

We want a simple YES or NO answer!

Don’t overcomplicate it!

Dr. Puja

So, this is what happened to me the other day: I was in line at a coffee shop and started to recognize that I was feeling stressed. I took a pause, and asked myself: “Am I mirroring the Barista’s emotions?”

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The coffee shop was very busy and the guy working behind the counter was stressed. He was the only one working and there were many impatient customers. Our brains are miracles of nature and science. Brains, generally, find a way to thrive!

When your brain sees another person that looks stressed, your brain starts to mimic them. We are wired to act in an empathetic way.

This is a process called MIRRORING.

It’s incredible when this happens. Your heart rate will go up, your mood will shift, and you’ll actually start feeling and perceiving the other person’s stress.

So, the next time you are in a similar situation, ask yourself: “Am I suddenly feeling stressed because the guy in front of me is looking or acting stressed?”And, if the answer is yes. Take a huge breath and relax.

You don’t want to Mirror the other person’s stress. There is no need to uptake their stress.

Now, keep in mind: using this technique does not mean that we’re losing our empathy or sense of care for our fellow human- beings.

This technique simply ensures that we don’t end up taking on another person’s stress and we start acting irrationally ourselves. Preserve thyself!

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